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OMS Exclusively is dedicated to providing select practice management, recruiting and consulting services exclusively to Oral, Maxillofacial Surgeons nationwide. Our Practice Transition Program focuses upon your future and how to position your practice. We are oriented towards timely implementation and achieving results. The Practice Transition Program is customized to guide you through to your ultimate practice goals, whether it is an outright practice sale, employment of an associate leading to a buy-in / buy-out or a Retirement Transition. Below is a simplified outline of our services.YOUR SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION IS OUR ONLY GOAL.

We have buyers and proven success. OMS Exclusively has a systematic approach to recruiting to practices for sale to create a win win for both the buyer and seller. We assembled a success-proven network of solid lenders and practice valuation consultants that understand Dentistry. We believe the best way to transition a practice is quietly, confidentially and result driven. Experience is everything!

  • Recruitment Our business is Recruitment and we are not practice brokers. Therefore we recruit to practices that are for sale. We only charge about 50% of a practice broker and only when we find a buyer and the practice is sold, not 10-15% of the sale price. All of our internal marketing is at no cost to you, and we do not believe in exclusive agreements. Ask us why?

  • Practice Valuations establishes practice values and strategies for the proposed transition event. The practice values are realistic expectations for both the Seller and Buyer. There are many ways to calculate and establish practice values. This can vary depending on who performs the practice valuation. We strongly feel it is critical for the accuracy of your practice valuation that they understand Dentistry and specifically your specialty. An accountant or a practice broker does not have the same level of experience as we do.  This is a valuable third party document that will set you up to win. We have a proven network of individuals that we would highly recommend.

  • Qualified Candidates are recruited, evaluated, and coordinated. Recruitment is more than finding a candidate who wants to live in your town and practice in your office. Recruitment is a selective matching of personal and professional attributes to create a harmonious advancement within your practice while accomplishing your transition goals. We are personally in touch with 99% of all graduating Oral Surgery Residents, Fellows and confidential Oral Surgons in practice today. We have buyers!

  • Deal Structuring selling a practice or arranging an associate buy-in requires very careful attention to the legal tax and financial goals of the seller. Our President, Dr. Larry Jacobson, has over 35 years experience in structuring sales of professional practices. As a licensed CPA and former corporate attorney, Larry has seen the unique issues raised in practice sales and brings a "can do" attitude to deal structuring. We work with your other advisors to make sure that a sale of your practice takes into account your unique tax and financal circumstances.

  • Transition Financing Financial involvement by new doctors heightens their commitment to the practice's success. We work with a network of established success proven healthcare lenders. Due to their knowledge of Dentistry the process is seamless. New graduating Oral Surgeons can easily get funding. We believe the future of Dentistry for young Oral Surgeons is to transition into practices for sale and carry these practices forward and to continue servicing the communities they are in.

  • Transition Documents are prepared to facilitate the transition event. Documents are designed to create fair deals, which benefit both sides in a win-win relationship. The focus is upon permanent, fair, long-term results. Documents will need to be prepared by your lawyer. We also work with a few contract lawyers that lecture at AAOMS that we can recommend. Sample documents can be furnish to assist with the proper wording as it relates Oral Surgery. This saves our clients time.

Practice Valuations and Lenders Courtesy Referrals Available
Recognizing that many disciplines are involved with the transition of a practice. We have assembled the appropriate proven team of experts to address your practice needs. If you are not currently a client but need a referral to have a practice valuation done or need a solid lending source we would be happy to assist you. Just ask, we offer this service to you as a courtesy.

Owning and Running a Practice........ No Problem!
We hear all the time, "I did not learn how to run a business in dental school but I would like to be my own boss."

We can help you with this...... Part of our network team includes the most sought after Consulting Coaching Company in business today. A focused program for your individual practice and needs. Our lender will add this into your closing documents.

Clients tell us: 
"I would absolutely recommend this program. I have been in the military and out of dental school 14 years and learned more about the business of dentistry in 2 days than I had in all that time before."

How can we assist you with your practice?
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